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I'll try to go nice and slow here. I never said that you have to have read the book to want to watch the movie. The fact is, P&P is targeting fans of the book, older viewers and the art house crowd. That is its target audience. Maybe women as well, with the romance angle. In general, it is going for a different audience than HP. Will some people see both? Of course. But the target audience for P&P is different from HP's. There is a reason P&P is playing in art house theaters in limited release.
Each and every film was affected by HP. Even Walk The Line was affected by it, despite scoring a strong opening for the type of film it is.

The thing is, HP is not a movie strictly for kids and their parents. Lot's and lot's of people from different audience segments are seeing HP. P&P had a better hold than any other movie, so it puzzles me that having a 30-32% drop this weekend is somehow bad in your opinion (The weekend drop should be smaller than the friday-to-friday drop). Hell, it has a good chance of dropping less than 30%. The thing is that it had a great multiplier last weekend and small drops on the weekdays - Until HP arrived.

We are talking about a 36 million one-day gross for a film which plays to both sexes, and to all age groups. Of course it's going to affect ALL other movies in the top 10. Or are you really saying that NONE of the fans of Jane Austen, fans of Kiera Knightley, older audiences and arthouse audiences are seeing a new HP movie? All those groups have a certain percentage of people who go to see HP4, it's appeal is that wide.

Yes, I know you said that some people might want to see both. But the thing is, even if just 5% of those P&P audience groups opted to see HP, then they already caused a 5% larger drop for P&P.

Wait for the next weekend when P&P goes wide, before saying that it has failed.

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