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Originally posted by MadsenOMC
Also, Walk the Line exceeded all expectations. HP didn't hurt it. I can't imagine it performing any better if HP had opened a weel later.
It naturally works as counter programming, but I'm just looking at every other film in the top 10: A juggernaut called HP crashed them all. I don't see any reason to assume that WTL was somehow immune to this effect. Sure, it was the only other new opener. But if every other film in the top 10 had a part of their audience taken away from them, I can't see why WTL would be an exception.

However, HP helped WTL in a different way: There are only two releases this weekend, thanks to the fact that with the exception of WTL everyone was scared of HP. And therefore WTL has less competition from new openers, because HP is the only one. If there would have been 2 other movies opening this weekend, HP would have been immune to them, but WTL would have suffered.
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