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Originally posted by psudoazn
As for Kong/ you think that they are going to be the type of movies that open with 65-100 million dollar openings? Or do you think they will open with moderately big openings (40-65m) and stay strong because of strong WOM?
Hard to say... Both films are heavily marketed big event films. Directors of both films have a extremely strong recent track record. And both benefit from a pre-existing brand name and awareness. Narnia also will likely benefit from the church-effect. It's gonna attract a lot of christian moviegoers.

But so far almost nobody has seen either film, and that's the big question mark.

I think both will open north 60 million, but it's hard to say before the reviews start coming in. Narnia has the upper hand because it's only 2 hours, but I think KK is gonna have the bigger hype.
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