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Old 11-23-2005, 12:23 PM
Good drop for Potter on Monday. That is a little better than the first installment's drop. Not as good as the thrid's, since that was during the Summer, but this one has the advantage of a four-day holiday weekend coming up.

It was funny as hell to see Potter raise it's actuals from 39 to 40 million for Friday. Can it pass $200 million by the end of the weekend? Doubtful (I see this happening on Tuesday), but that would make it the only movie to do that on its 10th day. Only SM 1 & 2, and SWIII made it there faster.

If GoF keeps this up, it'll become the biggest 5-day, and biggest 3-day for Thanksgiving, a record the first HP still holds.

Walk the Line is doing fantastic, and Chicken Little passed $100 million on Monday.
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