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Next weekend looks pretty weak. I dont know whether Aeon Flux has the legs to take the top spot from HP. I don't believe that the market is salivating for films based on anime. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if HP continues its dominance of the box office hitting 30 million in the next weekend. I think that it'll finally drop when Narnia comes out. (If HP gets 30 million this weekend, then I think that itll be around 240 million domestically on sunday. It would set things up perfectly for the film to peak at around 280-300 million).

Walk the Line will continue to kick ass as well. It surprisingly had a less than 20% drop last week. Incredible.

Heres a question for you guys....Do you think that Narnia will have the success that Potter and LOTR had?

The reason that Potter has been a billion dollar industry at the box office is because of the fact that it was released during the time that its buzz was hottest.

As for LOTR...that has been something that fans have wanted for years.

Is there as huge a Narnia fanbase? Will the series be inspired enough to survive the comparisons to LOTR and to win over new fans? I'm interested in seeing how it pans out. These epics can't be cheap and I'd hate to see the day that an epic project flopped. I'm not suggesting that Narnia will flop (I don't really know about its fanbase). But I think it may be possible for a big budget epic trilogy to flop.

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