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im very happy to see that harry potter was number one over the weekend(also the first movie of the year to stay there three weeks in a row) it was a great movie, i saw aeon flux over the weekend and it was ok but i can understand its entry into the top ten as being less than steller. next week we have narnia which looks interesting to me, but im not as excited about it as i was potter or batman, or any other movie this year. the one thing i dont like is that a lot of christian organizations are giving it the thumbs up. it bothers me when churchs start saying whats good and whats not. (call me a potter fan but if narnia makes more domesticly than Gof im going to shake the shit out of somebody) im going to go with narnia having a 50-60 mil opening and then kong knocking it down to 2nd. however the fact that these two movies are opening up so close together tells me that kong probably isnt going to recoup it's budget back.i may be wrong about this, however placing these two heavy weights within days of eachother does force the consumer to choose between the two. which is a good thing mind you, the only thing i fear is them splitting what would otherwise be a single movie gross. for example, narnia opens at 50 and kong opens at 50. but i guess this will show what movie has legs and what doesnt then eh?

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