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Old 12-07-2005, 02:49 AM
Can't believe I forgot to post how sweet it is for Cincinnati to FINALLY get a winning season after ELEVEN losing, and THREE 8-8 seasons. There's no place to go from here, but UP.

Seriously, they are making the exact same strides as the Indianapolis Colts. They've got the money-making offense, now it's time to put some stock into that run defense.

I'd like to see them crack at the Colts again with a revamped formula opposite of the 'let's stop Edge and make Peyton two-time mvp and future hall of fame quarterback beat us'. Which, yes I bitch about this in hindsight seeing that Tory James and Deltha O'Neal have been badasses... But anyways, HOORAY.

I just hope that they have the division clinched up by week 17. Because if they don't there's going to be some serious pwnage via Larry fucking Johnson who is scaring the shit out of defenses as we speak.

As for the rest of their schedule, they should beat the down and out Browns and Lions. Buffalo may be a bit of a challenge, especially with Willy McGilly and as mentioned before they will finish it out with KC.

I figure they win at least three of these four, with the one loss coming to KC either straight up, or because second stringers coming in pitting them at a highly respectable 12-4.
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