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Originally posted by Tuukka
The folks at worldofkj are tracking down the wednesday number for KK and it seems at this point that it will make around 16-17 million. Less than I expected, but it's a normal non-holiday wednesday, so it's still very good. LOTR:FOTR made 16 million on it's wednesday opening, but I don't quite see KK being equally leggy in the long run.
Three things:

1) King Kong is as long as LOTR: FOTR and if it can match its opening, then I'd consider it pretty successful.

2) If the critical and WOM from our schmoes are an indication of how this movie will be received by the majority, it seems that this film could be a blockbuster on the scope of T2 or Jurassic Park. You could be very well be right about it not being as leggy as LOTR. But I have a feeling that there is a slight possibility that it could stick around in the theaters for a while.

3) If King Kong does have the legs to stick at the top spot for more than 3-4 weeks, then the recently released King Kong "production diaries" are sure to be a money maker for Universal (and, because the feature film is not included in the set, the DVDs may interestingly cycle back into the box office revenue by persuading people who are willing to purchase the set to have repeat viewings). I'd imagine that those dvds are pure profit.

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