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Old 12-16-2005, 04:09 PM
I think the Texans should still stick with David Carr but they need an offensive line still Carr is still getting eaten alive out there.

They can trade it for whoever wants Reggie Bush the most and get a few more picks in return.

Now to more important things like Dallas/Washington game this weekend(which BTW I will miss because I have to FUCKING WORK. Assholes couldn't put this game at 1PM)

But hopefully since the Giants play Saturday maybe the jackasses with FOX will show the Dallas-Washington game. Now like the last game when the refs actually called a fair game between the 2 teams as long as they don't stick their nose where it dosen't belong everything should be good.

And after this week I will congrats Cardinals fans as you will be the most hopeless team left and the only joke left in the league once Cincinnati clinches a playoff spot on Sunday.
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