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Originally posted by meccajay

There's no way that there are 9 players taken before Vince Young. Even teams that draft for specific needs always say they want the best player on the boards at the time. Vince is the 1st or second best football player in this draft. Yes he'll need to sit for a year, but no one can afford to pass on talent like that.

Other than that those are pretty good draft choices.
Vince has worse accuracy at this point than Vick, and isn't as quick. He'll probably need to sit for at least 2 years and need a VERY good QB coach and a good teacher, like Steve McNair or Kurt Warner maybe.

My playoff picks:
Bengals over Steelers
Patriots over Jaguars

Patriots over Colts
Bengals over Broncos

Patriots over Bengals

Panthers over Giants
Redskins over Bucs(unless the refs decide to give another game to the Bucs)

Panthers over Seahawks
Bears over Redskins

Panthers over Bears

Super Bowl:
Panthers over Patriots
MVP: Jake Delhomme
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