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Originally posted by Buck Turgidson
I'm not getting into a political argument here, but...if you endorse Rush Limbaugh, you immediately cut yourself off from a serious conversation about race and football.

In the wider argument, I think you're wrong, but most of your points are reasonable and arguable, but you really should not be endorsing, even obliquely, that fat, Oxycontin-hooked racist motherfucker.

Like I asked before: does Mike Vick play defense? Does he kick? Did he miss the potential game winning FG the week TB eliminated them? No. He had a rough year, as did his team. End of story.
Perhaps Rush Limbaugh is a racist. I personally don't follow the guy too much so I won't make a statement on that. However, I don't believe the statement he made a couple of years ago on TV was a racist one. If Tom Jackson had made that same comment or Mike Wilbon, there would have been no reaction at all. Has our society gotten so bad that no person of caucasian descent can say anything negative about any person of color? Yet, in turn, a person of color can say anything they damn well want about anyone at all. For example, I hear all the time about affirmative action in the NFL. Theirs not enough black coaches in the NFL, theirs not enough black QBs because they have a stigma of being run first QBs. As for the QB situation, fine, but why doesn't it work in reverse. Why aren't the activists for affirmative action making sure there are more white RBs in the NFL, and more white WRs? Why is that completely overlooked, and not bothered with? The answer is simple really. Because as a society, we do not want equal rights for people of all colors. We wants the rights of the minorities in this country to supercede that of anyone else, and the NFL is a perfect example of this. Now, that will be my last political statement for this topic as I would like to address Mike Vick specifically.

Mike Vick is supposedly so great, right? Okay. Let's look at his numbers compared to that of two QBs whose jobs are very much in jeopardy.

Vick - 55.3% Comp. Percentage, 2412 yards passing, 15 TDs, 13 INTs with a QB rating of 73.1

Brooks - 55.7% Comp. Percentage, 2882 yards passing, 13 TDs, 17 INTs with a QB rating of 70.0

So, Brooks is fairly comparable to Vick passing the ball. But let's look at one more QB, David Carr of the lowly Texans.

Carr - 60.5% Comp. Percentage, 2488 passing yards, 14 TDs, 11 INTs with a QB rating of 77.2

Vick rushed for 597 yards this season on 102 attempts for an average of 5.9 yards per carry.

Carr rushed for 308 yards on only 56 attempts for an average of 5.5 yards per carry.

Those stat lines show two very similiar QBS so I ask why is Mike Vick hailed as one the truly great QBs in the league while Carr is supposedly a bum. I assure you that Mike Vick has a hell of a lot more weapons than David Carr does.

You argue that Vick doesn't play defense, or kick, etc. Well, that it correct. Tell me though, why is it that when the Falcons win, it's all about Mike Vick. And when they lose, it's all about everyone but Mike Vick. It's time to face the facts people. The Falcons got where they were last year on the back on Warrick Dunn. He's the best player in Atlanta, not Mike Vick.
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