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Ronnie Lott is nuts. And I won't retract it. Vince was in the shotgun about 80 percent of the time last night if not more, and USC BARELY blitzed. Add to the fact that Vince was either running in a wide open space because of his O-Line or the fact that every defensive player on USC forgot how to tackle, and I don't think I saw him complete a pass longer than about 15 yards. I'd take Matt Leinart in a heartbeat(although that last play was absolutely moronic, should have done a hook and lateral).
Well would you say that Ohio State plays good defense?

I'd say so, but Vince beat them, and he did it with the pass....A beautiful 24yarder to Sweed in the endzone. Ohio State played good D against him that day too, and they blitzed like crazy! In fact they picked him twice, so it's not like Vince is throwing to wide open recievers only. He goes thru progrssions like crazy, and has catches by half a dozen different recievers in each game.
The kid has poise, real poise, you saw it last night Im sure. He's like a bigger stronger faster Randall Cunningham with focus, and a true winner!

As far as the shotgun, if he leaves now, he may be under the guidance of McNair & Norm Chow, or maybe even Dan Reeves in Houston, so they'll let him develop for a year or so while holding a clipboard - problem solved.

"Obviously he's a great runner," Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk said. "Tonight he showed us he's a great passer."

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