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Originally posted by Buck Turgidson
The Pats had the Mojo to stop Manningcorps. No one else does.
Every year, I do this. I think "Well, this is a team even Tony Dungy couldn't fuck up. They have too many weapons for Mr. Play-Not-To-Lose to hold them down...", and EVERY fucking year, I wind up like Charlie Brown trying to kick the ball Lucy's holding. That bitch pulls it away every time.

That was absolutely the worst shank in a pressure situation I've ever seen. They should have never been in that predicament. No one with an offense that explosive should be down 18 points with seconds left in the third quarter. And if they are, they shouldn't be thinking about fucking PUNTING the ball.

God he is such a worthless, scared of his own shadow, no heart milqutoast fool. He's had his chance. They really and truly need to get someone with some cojones in there to run that team.

Terrible cvall on the interception and I'm so glad that wasn'tthe last carry of Bettis' career. That would have been awful.

Let's go Steelers and let's go AFC winners, whoever you are.
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