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If I werent a Bears fan, Id be laughing my ass off completely at them. I still laugh a little, but Im also po'd to I want to ramble/vent.
One of the reasons I like watching sports is because I really enjoy when a player of one team starts talking shit unnecessarily, and then the team of that player gets their asses kicked. Or if a team is over confident and they lose.
For some weird reason, Ogunleye for the bears was talking crap about the Panthers. His basic gist was that the Panthers were overrated and got too much credit ( he was angry that some people way back in the preseaon picked the Panthers to go to the SB). When h made those comments I was just "wtf", since Carolina at that point really seemed to have respect for the Bears, and wasnt saying anything that was negative of the bears.

Whats the point of saying stuff that feeds the fire? Especially when the Bears werent exactly a proven winner in the playoffs either ( havent won a game in 11 years), and the Panthers made it to the Super Bowl a few seasons ago. If ya lose, you look stupid ( you lost to an overrated team), if you win you still kind of look like an ass( you beat a weak team). Has anybody ever won a game because they started talking crap? Ogunleye later would blame the press for taking it out of context. Hey idiot! What did you think they were going to do? Not report what you were saying? Ogunleye explained he was just saying the Bears didnt get enough credit. Boo fucking hoo. Every single team and their mothers in the league dont think they get enough credit.
Ogunleye also guaranteed a SB appearance a few weeks earlier. HAHAHAH I guess not you overconfident bastard. I dont get why so many players make those guarantees either, whats the success rate on those things made by underdogs? 1%? It was cool way back when Joe Namath accurately guaranteed winning the SB 40 years ago or whatever, because it was original and prophetic. Nows it just gets old.

So yup anyway, the Bears got their asses kicked, and Ogunleye looks like an idiot, and the Bears deserved to lose.. Im not saying they lost because his comments piseed off the Panthers, But I do think his comments show he and the whole team was overconfident and taking the Panthers lightly. Noone on the Bears seemed overly worried, as if the win would be much easier. They didnt say anything bad, but they didnt act like they had a lot of work to do to win either. Grossman acted like the playoffs werent really any different from any other games he's been in. Bears defenders werent concerned that Steve Smith had 14 catches for 180 yards or something in the last game played against them. Grossman said the Carolina Panthers defense didnt do anything special against the Giants last week, the Giants just played bad. Mike Brown saying " I think they think they can beat us, but we KNOW we can beat them"

God this is a long ass post. I guess my summary is Screw You Bears, you could have won this game but you got too full of yourselves. It was embarrasing. All this talk about you being hungry was bs . Lose the wanna be 85 Bears swagger till you at least prove something in the playoffs.

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