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Originally posted by Pulp_Joker
Yay, for me. I still can't believe she is 30. It amazes me, but she sure is a cutie.
A definite yay. And I hate continually correcting people on this but she's actually 27 years old, not 29 or 30. The IMDb's information is wrong and I don't understand why they haven't corrected it (the problem probably stems from the fact that every other site on the net took the information from the IMDb and so on a lot of sites it says she was born in 1976 but she was actually born in 1978).

She has said in several magazine articles that she is 26 (and these interviews were done before her birthday in October) and most recently (January), there was an interview in the York U magazine about her which also stated her age as being 27.

I thought she was very funny in Mean Girls (8/10) but it was doing The Notebook (7/10) after Mean Girls that really got me watching out for what she did. She handled comedy in Mean Girls very well, creating a memorable character and she did the same for a more dramatic role in The Notebook - not an easy thing to do.

And even if she couldn't act, she just seems to ooze charisma on screen.

And of course, doing two more solid flicks (Wedding Crashers 8/10, Red Eye 7/10) didn't hurt. In fact, she and Cillian Murphy's performances in Red Eye totally made the movie so much better than it ought to have been.

Plus. she's a fellow york u alumni too.
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