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There's been some serious lack of Monica Bellucci appreciation in the last year or two on the boards and I think it's time we fixed that problem.

Though Monica hasn't exactly shot to stardom in the U.S., she's still great in my eyes. And I'm hoping she chooses some great roles in the future cause I'd really like to see her in something better than the Matrix sequels or Brothers Grimm or even Tears of the Sun (which was pretty good). While in retrospect those movies seem like disasters, I think she's just had bad luck with U.S. films - as all of them have been by pretty well-respected directors at the time (Wachowski Bros after Matrix, Gilliam - well Gilliam's always respected in the film buff community anyway, and Fuqua after Training Day).

Looking back at this thread though, by god we all sound like stark raving idiots. But damn if she still isn't the hottest woman ever.

And it annoys me that I can't find the original cut of Malena in Canada on DVD. Gahh.

Anyway, some pics for your viewing pleasure.

The 7th one has always been one of my favorites.

Also my obsession for Bellucci hasn't abated and in Gr 12 graphic design class last year we had to take a photo as a base and do a vector drawing for it and naturally, I did Monica Bellucci. It took several weeks of work but I think it was worth it heh I did get lazy with the hair though and cheated using simple blue streaks/comic book-ish hair (It's attached):
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