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I agree , Willis has played the washed up , alcoholic cop way too many times , he needs to find an interesting project that challenges him a bit and shows a diff side than we are accustomed to seeing , ala Sixth Sense , Unbreakable , and Pulp Fiction . Seems as if he's more effective when he plays down his star status , and sort of fades into the story , as he did in those aforementioned films . I think he needs to do some low budget film , where he plays totally against type , something we've never seen from him before .

Ultraviolet , what a bomb , i never thought it looked great , but i figured it could make a little more , only because it seems to deliver some cheap thrills , and there's not much competition out there .

Where are the best pic nominees , oh right , some are already on dvd being offered as two for one deals at wal mart already .
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