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I gave Failure a chance to get number one , as mentioned in another thread , i said something about MM and Parker's appeal , and that the 22 mil i predicted for Hills may go to Failure instead . It's still not bad for Hills , those are pretty strong numbers .

Yeah , as far as " extreme " horror films go , Hostel did a bit better , but considering Aja is relatively unknown to the mainstream public , shouldnt be much longer , the lack of any stars , and the fact that he dint have Tarantino pimping the pic for him ( alot of people thought QT actually directed Hostel ) , i think it's an excellent showing by Hills , not great like i thought it may be , but solid nonetheless .

Yes , it would have been nice to see it take number one , but in light of the cheesy family friendly / date friendly competition , it's holding up pretty strong , it's def not a bomb .

And why , oh why does Failure have to take number one , i wish they could have just put the two leads from that movie in the desert with the mutants . Don't get me wrong , i think MM is a cool dude , and he def needed a mild hit , it's just that the more number one R rated films that are released , the more willing the studios will be to make them . At least Madea wont be number one again .
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