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Originally posted by MadsenOMC
Yes, it bombed. Without a doubt. Will it make its money back after you figure in international box office and DVD sales? Someday, down the line, it might actually be profitable. But a $4 million opening weekend is abysmal. Its per theater average isn't going to be much higher than $2,000. That is terrible. No two ways about it. You know it's going to drop fast as well, so it will be lucky to make three times its opening weekend, or about $12 million. Barely over half of its production budget. That is a bomb.
Regardless of how much I liked the film, Madsen's right and it's not doing good at all. But like I've always said, at least the film got made for me to enjoy it rather than just wondering how it could've turned out. It's ok for me since James Gunn didn't even plan on doing a sequel to begin with, so it doesn't matter if there's a Slither 2 or not.
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