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Old 04-22-2006, 01:24 AM
Burnett got injured again. Crap on the positive side of things the Blue Jays come back and beat Boston in extra innings and the Yankees are under .500 again. Even thought it is early but this division isn't a 2 horse race anymore.

Funny thing though while watching the Blue Jays game while watching every Friday night they interview a Blue Jays player(can't remember his name I think he was on the 1977 team or something) who's sitting in the crowd in the front 3 or 4 rows and behind him is a fan shouting at Mark Loretta and you can hear him pretty good too I think it was something like "you screwed my fantasy team last year, I had to drop your ass" and shit like that. I think there were a few swears in there too.

It was some pretty funny shit.
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