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Originally posted by MacReady

Also, I would wager every single Criterion that I have that if Ann Coulter had gone to a Clinton rally and told everybody that they were pure evil, you'd be defended it and saying how we should learn to accept free speech, and how it's important for the president to hear the people's displeasure.

<waits for MacReady to hand Lynn her ass, since he just finished tearing it up>

I agree with what everyone else has been saying's our JOB as the American public to tell the government if they're doing a shitty job...

This country is SUPPOSED to be a Democratic one...but lately, I'm starting to wonder if we did say as a whole that we disapproved of something (like Dubya), if the government would listen or just tell us to piss off since they're the ones in charge...

It seems as though that's the kind of world you want, where our government makes all of our decisions for us.

All I know is that since this administration took over, all we've seen is this:

death of American citizens, death of Iraqui citizens, death of more American citizens, rising gas prices, gay Americans being denied the right to get married, the destruction of New Orleans, higher gas prices, fuming debate over the right to abortion and unrealistic gas prices.

If that's what letting the government be in charge does for us, then I want the town meeting system back...