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Originally posted by jeo4
To assume Bush doesn't have a tongue lashing coming from most of the American public fo his mishandling of the US economy, his involvement in the oil industry, and his personal vendetta against Iraq would be absurd.

To put Ann Coulter in the same hemisphere as Stephen Colbert is ridiculous, as Colbert is a satirist who puts most politicians on the same level regardless of their political beliefs and Coulter is a right wing militant with delusions of her own party's grandeur, which makes her arguments biased to the point of forfeiting any credibility.

To turn this into a political argument is pointless because many representatives from all parties were at this dinner. This had nothing to do with liberals or conservatives, because it is supposed to be a night of fun and jokes, regardless of any political affiliation.

By the way: I laughed at the impersonator and Bush, too. This country needs to see that he can take shit for being the way he is and still laugh about it himself. That Colbert was even invited in light of his own previous material was stunning.

Umm- in case you haven't noticed, the economy is booming despite the high gas prices. And we are doing the right thing in Iraq. to pull out would put the people in a horrible circumstance that would leave the entire country open to the terrorists. I say Bush will go down in history as a great president who was totally unappreciated in his time. But we will have to wait many years to see this. And I will think of you all and smile.

And I can see why many of you think it was OK to pounce on Bush because you show an inability at times to have a civil conversation with people you disagree with. We;ll see how patient you all are when the next Democrat gets criticized and is made to sit there and take a humiliated pounding. Oh wait- that would never happen because most Repubs would find that distasteful.