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Originally posted by outsyder
No. Because that is funny.

Come on everybody, admit it, Stephen Colbert is hilarious. And whether there was a Republican or Democrat in the White House, he, or somebody else from the Comedy Central group, would have mocked all those politicians.

I am a loyal subscriber to outsyder's and Bubba's posts

Originally posted by outsyder
Hunter S. Thompson had Clinton's personal fax machine and would correspond some extremely defamatory things to him. THomspons skewered him in several of his writings, calling him creepy, and leech and many other things.

Yet Clinton maintained correspondence with Thompson, often responding that he valued Thompson's point of view, and continued inviting him to functions.

When Clinton was on Arsenio Hall, Hall brought up the "I did not inhale" thing, and joked about it. Clinton responded with laughter and offered some further explaination. Yeah, he probably wasn't truthful, but the point is that he didn't get pissed about it, and none of his supporters became offended over it.

I belive it is called 'humility' and it's supposed to be a characteristic of good Christians, but it seems to be something that Bush and his followers are completely devoid of.

Lynn, we're not all little Democrat "YESmen". The majority of us can't stand the lot, so we could give a shit about their perspective. They're spineless and I would say opportunistic, but I can't think of an opportunity they didn't piss away into the wind.

Its ok to pounce on any politician because they signed up for the job of SERVING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. And when you think service sucks, you complain! Why? so that the people who serve you don't get the idea that the shitty job they're doing is actually ok and can continue on.

Remember that 68% consists of people who originally voted for him. They're unhappy customers now.

As for a "booming economy", remember the reports say the economy is the highest its been in the past FOUR YEARS. That means within the terms of the Bush's administration. That means it ranks pretty high only within the time of his presidency.

Compared to years outside his terms................ ?