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You guys all scream about Coulter and yet many of you use the same type of rhetoric that she does. Just scroll up and read your own posts and see how "civil" they are.
I remember seeing an special on CBC with Bob McKeown about the distinct effect Conservative and Liberal media have on the public in the USA. Ann Coulter was part of the many interviews by this McKeown.

You can watch the entire documentary here if you wish. Follow the link near the top.

He played clips of some of the statements she made, especially about the US's relationship with Canada. How easily it would just be to "roll over" and crush us at any time. How much Canada depends on the US for money and resources. And (hilariously) thinking that Canada was a part of the Vietnam war and sent troops over.

This woman is the she-devil of Conservative media. She's like Bill O'Reailly but with breasts. I have no respect for commentators who (intentionally) bad-mouth a fellow ally and their politics.