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Look for Hard Candy sometime in Oct

Actually. about Pulse.

Speaking of recent Trends. Look at Cry_Wolf, Dark Water, Brothers Grimm, Exorcism of Emily Rose. All december 2005 releases. and the year before Films like Shaun of the Dead came out. Basically its the Studios Call. I mean look at New Line and Dreamworks last summer
Wedding Crashers came out first in July....40 year old Virgin came out in August.....but when they Hit DVD....Wedding crashers came out in January and 40 year old Virgin in really has nothing to do with box office or trends....Basically December has become a Dump month...along with October and April. for studios to Dump DVD's.

October usually gets whatever is left of the winter Spring Theatrical Releases

December gets whats left of Summer Releases

April gets whats left of Falls Releases.

hope that helps

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