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Thats why I believe people are wrong in saying its a dissapointing opening. Too many factors arent being weighed


1. Like you said, school is still in session as compared to the last one
2. The last one was SIX years ago before this sequel...there was only a difference of 4 years between number 1 and 2

3. We didnt have a shitty economy like we do now and we werent at war

..and another "little" reason.. GASOLINE wasnt edging to $4.00 a GALLON! In 2000 it was about $1.50 MAJOR IMPACT.

1st M.I opened with about $43 mil

2nd with about $57

This one at about $48 mil with the above mentioned factors. Theres no failure at all here...except if one always thinks something should always outproduce the previous movie.. It should still hit about $180..mayyyybe 198 mil domestic... and add the worldwide B.O.. and Cruise and the franchise remain superstars.
It is a disappointment. That is a fact. You have to factor in P&A, Cruise's money and the cut for theaters. It is going to have to do huge overseas business and probably won't make any money until it hits DVD. You have to realize that $350 million in international box office still doesn't put this movie in the black. Cruise and his production company get a big cut (I believe he didn't take a salary and instead took a percentage), theaters get a cut and they spent a shitload on P&A. The opening is a disappointment. Oh, and it won't hit $180 million. No chance. Event movies don't make four times their opening anymore. We're looking at $150 million.

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