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Originally posted by NightStalkerGtx
Expectations were not high and it was only made for 8 mil. So yea it pretty much does scream See No Evil 2 since,

1- It past expectations
2- Its going to make back it budget by next week.
3- It should do well on dvd.
I think of Wrong Turn when I think of See No Evil. WT ended up making its budget back didn't it? Yet no one really considers that movie a success. Now, years later, they're making a DTV sequel with a smaller budget that no one is really asking for. By the end of its theatrical run, See No Evil will make its budget back but not much more. When your budget is $8 million expectations do not have to be high. Did it really pass expectations? If so, by what, $500,000 or $1 million? Not by much if anything. I just can't see them bothering with anything more than a DTV See No Evil 2, but hey, stranger things have happened.
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