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Regarding the idea behind the Wii platform's Virtual Console, which will allow for the digital distribution of online games, demos, and other content, Iwata stated in the interview: “When creating a packaged game to be priced at 5,000 yen, developers tend to feel the need to create a rich game. Yet it is possible to create a reasonably entertaining game in 2 months with a team of three.”
I ran 5,000 Yen through an online currency converter and it comes out to be just under $45.00 (44.8384 USD to be specific.) I wonder what they could possibly offer for $45.00...a (heaven forbid) monthly subscription?!

Or possibly nintendo will offer a "bundle deal" like:
1 game = $1.99
10 = $14.99
20 = $29.99
50 = $39.99
100 = $44.99

Just a guess.

He continued: “Offering such games for 500 yen over a network could lead to a reasonable number of people purchasing it. By offering an environment that allows this, we hope to encourage more developers to pursue basic yet enjoyable gameplay.”
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