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Originally posted by bob
Yeah, I was thinking about this...I'm about five years too late on this one, aren't I?

Haha. Yeah just a bit.

Well he is loved in the UK because bascily he is such a nice down to earth guy. He is a gratingly good looking guy as well.

She is hated. Loathed. She is an attention whore to the highest degree. She is forever setting up photoshoots to turn up where she is going and what have you. The UK hates her. She makes a fool out of him at every oppotunity. She is not as good looking as you would thing and Miss plastic surgery is her middle name(Allegedly)

I'll give you an example. Joe Cole's new girlfriend

Carly Zucker:

1 fine looking woman I think you will agree as been getting alot of attention from the press. Next day the press found out that Victoria had arranged for the press to take photo's of her being caught by "surprise" on a shopping trip with wait for it a jacket buttoned to the navel and her fake tits hanging out of bra on show. All because she was getting annoyed at the tatention Zuckr was getting.

She comes across as so false when she speaks people have been known to pull of their ears. She is hated.

So in conclusion

Him Yay
Her Nay

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