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Originally posted by Scorpio24
Well he is loved in the UK because bascily he is such a nice down to earth guy. He is a gratingly good looking guy as well.

She is hated. Loathed. She is an attention whore to the highest degree. She is forever setting up photoshoots to turn up where she is going and what have you. The UK hates her. She makes a fool out of him at every oppotunity. She is not as good looking as you would thing and Miss plastic surgery is her middle name(Allegedly)
She makes a fool out oh him!!!???

She said he wore her underwear on occasion and her nickname for him was Goldenballs...he fucked the masseuse and his PA - a woman who has no problem wanking off a pig no less.

He also allegedly slept with countless others.

As far as I know Posh has blatantly 'set up' just one photoshoot...the one on the ski slopes just after the scandal erupted. It was a silly mistake really. She wanted to show the world her marriage was genuinely solid, instead she came off looking like she didn't give a hoot. The huge dark sunglasses and her forced grin told an altogether different story mind.

To be honest with you, the whole backlash against HER after the affair absolutely sickened me. She clearly loves him dearly and I think if he actually left her she'd me utterly shattered. She never drove him into the arms of another woman as the tabloids claimed...he just let his dick do the thinking.

'Tis true she loved the limelight when her and David were just a childless couple...but since squeezing out the sprogs she seems to have shunned the paps. If she needed the tabloid inches wouldn't she have been part of the WAG club 18-30 pub-crawl!?

I feel for Victoria sometimes. She obviously has an eating disorder and I don't think she's overly fond of her general appearance...still she seems to be a good mum to her boys and she always comes across as a warm, frank and surprisingly witty gal in interviews.

I think it's high time the Great British public actually threw her a bone.

I say Yay to both of them, as long as Becks keeps his cock in his trousers!
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