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Originally posted by BadCoverVersion
She makes a fool out oh him!!!???

She said he wore her underwear on occasion and her nickname for him was Goldenballs...he fucked the masseuse and his PA - a woman who has no problem wanking off a pig no less.

He also allegedly slept with countless others.

Well if my memory serves me correct and it does he didn't look to impressed when she happened to mention it on Parky. I'm usre the Englan captian wants everyone to know he werars ladies underware on occasions. Not embarresing at all.

So he fucked Loose. So what? If maybe Posh spent a little more time with the man instead of chasing a long ago finished pop career then maybe it wouldn't have happened. It's no exscuse but a reason. She was the main factor in him moving to Madrid in the 1st place. Fergie has said in his autobiography that the woman ruined him. All she ever wanted to do was drag him to parties to meet famous people and model clothes. And i'd be seriously impressed if he knew all that time ago she was going to wank off a pig.

As for all the "alleged other women" Every fucker in the Northen hemisphere claimed to have had an affair with him. What a load of bollocks that lot was.

As far as I know Posh has blatantly 'set up' just one photoshoot...the one on the ski slopes just after the scandal erupted. It was a silly mistake really. She wanted to show the world her marriage was genuinely solid, instead she came off looking like she didn't give a hoot. The huge dark sunglasses and her forced grin told an altogether different story mind.

To be honest with you, the whole backlash against HER after the affair absolutely sickened me. She clearly loves him dearly and I think if he actually left her she'd me utterly shattered. She never drove him into the arms of another woman as the tabloids claimed...he just let his dick do the thinking.
How do you know that for definite. Because it seemed to me like that is exactly what she did. She wasn't exactly spending alot of time with him in Madrid. IMO she shot herself in the foot.

The reason she is so hated is because of these "ooops my tits are hanging out of my dress again........ and oh look there's a camera..... and oh wait......pout. There that should do it." moments she seems to keep having.

Maybe she was harshly treated after the divorce by the public but as you've said she already made a mistake with the photo op ion the ski slopes and I think it just turned everybody against her.

Again only an opinion but I find her to be fake. Clever and manipitalive but fake.
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