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I decided to have a Nightmare on Elm Street marathon so I started watching all the movies this weekend. I probably won't finish until Friday though.

This is one of my alltime favorite horror movies. For some reason, this always seems to scare me. Its cheesy as hell but I love everything about it. The dreadful feeling throughout.

And this thing has one thing that no other film has yet to mimick, the feeling of a life being destroyed and me actually caring. I know that sounds bad, I mean I have "felt" for other characters in movies but only in this one was I able to practically "live" their life, making it it all the better.


Not a bad movie by any means but certainly not a masterpiece. The gay undertones get annoying after a while (Sister: Why can't he be like all the others boys?; Grady: There's a beatiful girl down in the commode yet you want to sleep with me?)

I honestly, in all honestly, should be hating this movie. It takes all of the elements which are essentially Freddy and throws them all away. But for some reason, I enjoy this film and find it entertaining.

One nitpick that I have with this however has got to be the whole no dreams thing. I mean, thats what Freddy is! He's supposed to kill us in his dreams yet we have one extremely minor dream sequence that builds no tension, and has no suspense whatsoever. Beyond its many flaws, its still a fun 80's movie (I would say horror movie but theres not many elements to prove it)

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