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Originally posted by Frank the Tank
Meh, I used to live on LoG. New American Gospel is still a damn good album, but then they went to shit. Their next two cd's sound exactly alike with every two song and what I've heard of Sacrament is even worst. Redneck is a horrible horrible song. If you want to ape Pantera's sound, that's fine. But, if you want to ape Pantera's sound from their last album that's just horrible.
New American Gospel is my fav LoG album. That and Burn the Priest. I liked Palaces, but Ashes sounded way to rushed. I like "Redneck" and the guys took their time on this one, so I'm hoping it'll be good. With Redneck, they tried something different. See if the whole album is like that.

Speaking of trying something differnt, Satyricon's "Now, Diabolical" is a pretty sweet album. I like the direction they're going, despite some hardcores bitching about it. Their earlier black metal still is their best shit, but I liked the last 2 albums.
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