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Originally posted by countchocula
I find Hatebreed to be boring as fuck. Boring vocals, boring riffs, boring everything. If I'm looking for an adrenaline rush, I need something more extreme. Zao is one of the only hardcore bands I can stomach. They're the creepiest Christian band on the planet.
They're also affected by the curse of Christian music: They suck hardcore. The new Zao is one of the worst hardcore albums of the year.

And my best 2006 releases:
In no order:
Sepultura - "Dante XXI" (my favorite metal album of the year, hands down)
Stone Sour - "Come What(ever) May"
Hatebreed - "Supremacy"
Ihsahn - "The Adversary" (funny, because I can't stand Emperor)
Strapping Young Lad - "The New Black"
The Devin Townsend Band - "Synchestra" (even though it's not even half the album "Accelerated Evolution" was, it's still great)
In Flames - "Come Clarity"
Ephel Duath - "Pain Necessary to Know"
I'll propably be adding Mastodon's "Blood Mountain" to that list, but I'll wait till it comes out...
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