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Originally posted by Tyler_Durden_208
I definately agree that "Now, Diabolical" is a good album. I've been listening to it and "Volcano" repeatedly lately.
Plus Jamey Jasta's new project, Icepick, is pretty damn good. Not even Ice-T was able to ruin it.

I have no idea who the hell Jamey Jasta is and have never heard of Icepick. But I love Ice-T so I'll have to check it out.

But, yeah, I liked Now, Diabolical. Satyricon may be selling out, but at least they're still writing good songs IMO. Let's just hope it lasts.

On a related note, The Cult Is Alive isn't that great. It's still a reasonably solid album by one of my favorite bands, but it simply lacks the excitement for me that I get from listening to their other albums. I like even Plaguewielder more.

The biggest surprise for me so far this year is how kickass the new Deicide album, The Stench of Redemption is. The Hoffman brothers are out and the new guitarists they got have filled the band with a new life and vigor. If you haven't liked Deicide in quite awhile, I heartily recommend this new one.

The latest Impaled Nazarene album is excellent, although I think I liked the last one, All That You Fear, a bit more.

The new GWAR, Beyond Hell shows the band still in the more straightforward metal phase they've been in since Violence Has Arrived. It kicks thrashy ass, but I do miss their more humor-laden ventures.
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