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Originally posted by thebloodfeaster
What do you not like about Emperor? All their works? While Anthems to the Welkin At Dusk is one of my top albums ever, I really didn't like Prometheus. I also wasn't overly crazy about Ihsahn and his wife's project Peccatum, so I had been avoiding his solo album. If you had to compare it to any Emperor album or to Peccatum, which would it be most like?
Hm... I haven't heard Peccatum, I tried downloading it, but could never find anybody that had it. It definately is better produced than any of Emperor's albums, already taking away from it's kvltness. The main thing I don't like about Emperor is the drumming. Never before has drumming so perfectly kept me from liking music. But then again, I'm not the biggest black metal fan, so that's understandable.
That video I linked is a good indication of where the album goes, it's pretty much all over the place, power metal, black metal, thrash, etc.
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