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I just personally think the XB360 was rushed out and lacks the technological capabilities of the PS3 and the innovation of the Wii. And yes all those games sound great but I would have trouble paying the price of the console for those games. I'm sure Halo 3 will be great. Gears of War, not so much. I may bite my tongue one day but so far any game that has been labeled as a "Halo Killer" or the next Halo or whatever has drastically failed to live up to expectations. Maybe Gears will be different. Next, I know there is no official price for the Wii yet. It was rumored to be $229 which seemed like an odd price, and knowing that Nintendo has publicly said that it lacks the technological capabilities of the other two systems and is made specifically to make fun and innovative games. Therefore $199 seems like a fair price does it not. I'm glad to hear MP3 has been in development for some time and I hope its better than MP2.
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