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Originally posted by HannibalGuy
I really wouldn't say Satyricon have "sold out". But thats just me.
I think Satyricon's change in sound is a calculated effort to reach a broader audience, abandoning black metal in favor of a mid-paced thrash but keeping the same production sound they had with Rebel Extravaganza (what I consider to be their last black metal album).

I want everyone to know though, that I'm not slamming them. They don't have to be black metal for me to like them. I think they are writing great music in their current style, and I hope they continue to do so. I'm just pointing out that they are possibly on the path to becoming crap as their current style brings them more and more success, even if they are still great at the moment. I guess you could just say I was voicing a fear about their future. I hope I'm wrong, because they are one of the most enjoyable bands out there.
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