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I'll rate the Slayer albums myself.

Show No Mercy - 8/10 (A fun fucking album)
Haunting The Chapel - 8/10 (Very badass EP)
Hell Awaits - 9/10 (Their first pure classic)
Reign In Blood - 10/10 (What hasn't been said here)
South Of Heaven - 9/10 (Incredible follow up with some sweet grooves on it.)
Seasons In The Abyss - 8.5/10 (Slower Slayer but done right.)
Divine Intervention - 7.5/10 (Lombardo's gone, but still solid.)
Diabolus In Musica - 4/10 (Very bad, but a decent track or two.)
God Hates Us All - 3/10 (Liked it on first listen, but I hate it more and more with each listen. Kerry was listening to too much Slipknot and Hatebreed here.)
Christ Illusion - 6/10 (Awful lyrics hold back a decent album.
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