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I'm up to book four ("Ancient History"). What issues that encompasses I'm not sure, I'm the kind of guy that waits until a series has been over for five to ten years and then starts buying the trades (only series in my collection still being printed on a monthly basis are THE WALKING DEAD, 100 BULLETS, and Y: THE LAST MAN, and even on each of them I wait for the trades to come out. I just don't have any patience for individual issues. They're too damn...short). It's encouraging to hear that there is indeed a character arch going on for the leads (although for some reason neither Tulip nor Cassidy bother me in the same way that Jesse does. In fact, I freakin' love Cassidy). My worry was that I would drop the cash for the next five PREACHER books only to find more of the same over the course of the next Lord knows how many issues.
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