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Old 09-24-2006, 09:43 PM
Best game of the weekend so far....Vikings and Bears.
I am a Vikes die-hard, but it was still a great display of defense by both teams. This will be a great division battle all year long. Pending injuries - both teams will make the playoffs.

I am tired of hearing about how B. Johnsons contract will be an issue soon - it is the middle of the season - usually these kind of things surface preseason. I don;t see this as a problem.

And by the way - Kornhieser is fine on MNF - he is new - what did you expect??? The fantasy football jokes are funny, I for one play FF so I find humor in it. And the Ben Roethlis....remark is pretty funny and accurate too, what hasn't happened to this guy yet???

Give Tony a chance - he is better than most.
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