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Week 3 breakdown ---

-Seattle over the Giants. Good for Philly, were back in 1st place! The Giants can't really expect to win every game during garbage time. On the other hand, they may be onto something with the no huddle! Hey Plaxico, who's laughing now?

-Denver over New England, Brady looks to be in mouring over Dion Branch, plus Dillon gets hurt when you need to lean on the rushing game. Not looking good for the Pats right about now.

-Baltimore over Cleveland, Man I wasn't about to go near this game as a pick. Jim Fassel admits McNair doesn't quite know the playbook yet, so it was far too risky as a divisional game.

-Bengals over Steelers, I guess no one wants to say what we all know..Yep, the Bengals were gonna win that playoff game last year, and the Steelers got lucky..glad they enjoyed there prosperity. Shannon Sharpe made an interesting point: "this makes 3 straight games where Big Ben has played poorly, going back to the super bowl...something is wrong".
Man you just gotta love coach Cower starting Ben despite that fact that he just aint quite ready yet. I'm sure the Bengals & Ravens don't mind at all...

-Indy over J'ville, Yeah going 3-1 or even in you first 4 games against Dallas, Pittsburgh, Indy, & Washington is very noble for Jacksonville, but you guys HAVE to find a way to beat Indy this year just once.

-Chicago over Minn., Hard fought sloppy game and win for Chicago, If they can beat the Seahawks next week, it's a cake schedule for a good long while. Bright things ahead for the Bears.

-Carolina Over Tampa, John Kasay for president! We'll he kept me alive in the office pool that's for sure. Tough break for the Sims kid. Hopefully he can return to form in a couple months.

-*Tonight is the big game.. The Katrina Bowl. Lots of emotion, lots of hype and 2 pretty good teams. Even the President will be in the dome(place joke here).

The game itself looks to be good, but truthfully, it looks like a hard task to beat Atlanta, with what close to 300 yrds per game rushing. I think Reggie Bush will shine a little, but the real hero of the game will be Warrick Dunn. If the Saints can win, I think it will be with there kicker facing the Falcons kickers. I'm gonna route for N.O. The city and the team!

Looks like a lot of fun tonight!!
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