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Originally posted by mdpuff01
Couple important observations about week 3:

Although the NFC North is still Chicago's division, the Vikings look great. I can't think of a team that went 11-5 and then in two years dumped their star qb (Culpepper) and their star receiver (Moss) and actually made it work. Great job by the gm... people thought they were crazy for breaking that team up. Brad Johnson is a great game manager, Williamson is emerging as a true #1 receiver, their defensive tackles stuff the run, their secondary is absolutely stacked, and they have great speed at linebacker. It's hard to say they're a surprise considering they won 8 games last year, but they can legimately challenge for the division crown, especially if all you need to do to stop Grossman is blitz him.
They actually won 9 last year, but who is counting.....I am in total agreement with your observations. Who would of thought Johnson would lead these guys they way he has???? However, I disagree with the secondary, they are good, but not STACKED - they gave up the play that lost the game, and they had several opportunities to make key ints to put that game away. Good, but not great Defense - YET......

Chicago, you better watch out.....
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