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Week 4 picks

Atlanta over Arizona - Atlanta is stil overrated but Mr. fumbulitis is QB of Arizona so.

Tennessee over Dallas - I so pray to god this actually happens.

Indy over NY Jets - pretty safe bet here

Miami over Houston - If Miami can't score 20 points or more here something is wrong.

Minnesota over Buffalo - Might give Chicago a run for their money in the NFC North

Carolina over New Orleans - Sorry Saints you are better than last year but the ride end here.

San Diego over Baltimore - Phillip River's first true test.

San Francisco over Kansas City - Damon Huard come on I know it's the 49ers but they look somewhat better than last year. Then again they were 2-14 or some crap like that so how worse can you get.

St. Louis over Detroit - Hey Peter King how's that Lions to win the NFC North working out.

Cleveland over Oakland - I think the Browns practice squad can win this game

Washington over Jacksonville - I know it was only Houston but maybe the offense is back on track.

Cincinnati over New England - It's pretty sad that your #1 & 2 TEs are you best options for catching the ball.

Chicago over Seattle - No Alexander not going to win this one. With Alexander it might be a different story

Phily over Green Bay - ESPN and NBC gloat that the 2nd half of the season they can pick the games and while the sunday nighter will be great can someone other than that fact that Brett Favre plays for the Packers explain to me why Green Bay is on the Monday nighter. Althought I hope to god you win, but no.
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