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Very sweet, but nasty week in the NFL!

Yeah Rex Grossman looks like a 200% reborn QB. The Chicago D is what was expected, but long range spirals thrown with precision and touch are far from what I expected to see..props to Rex!

That Haynesworth spikes to the face was a terrible thing. It will probably get him tossed for most of the year. Not just because the league will say so, but because right after the offense, he went over cussin and yellin at coach Fisher. Fish ain't havin it.

For better or worse, the Vince Young & Matt Leinart era has begun.

What's goin on Nick Sabin? Is it Daunte?

Did the Bengals just make Laurence Maroney the rookie of the year? Coach Lewis, it's early, better get 'em together man.

Indy vs the Jets, what an electric game! Almost everybody in the sportsbar gave the Jets a standing O at the end of that game and final effort. Give Indy and Peyton credit for doing what they do.

Santana Moss, just ballin' outta control!!

Steve McNair, current king of the game winning drive! Jim Fassel, it's your turn to help out by getting the running game going. Even the ultimate master, Elway, had Terrell Davis to lean on in his final glory.
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