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Old 10-12-2006, 03:42 AM
i was in eb the other day and the prices were roughly $70 for the wii-mote and $30 for the nunchuck..that means another $100 aussie dollars just for another player. IGN also has prices for all the cables and what not up, and the price for the mem card is the same as the wii-mote (its in jap currency though), now i dont rembmber if the memory card is a must-have like the previous gen's (cause dont all the systems have stuff inside it to save now..i forgot lol) but for a mem card its still a fair bit to pay 70 bucks (its only 512mb i think).

I'm still ordering it in, but i think if this is sposed to be for people who dont usually game...theys houdl be packaged together and just cost 70 or 80....
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