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I think he is one of the greatest and most interesting actors of his generation. His career has definitely gone through some odd stages, first being almost this acting prodigy and then to Titanic (which he gave a very good performace in), which turned him into the "teen heartthrob." I don't think he really recovered until Catch Me If You Can, which was a wondeful perfomance that in a way plays on his image of the pretty boy and uses it as ammunition for his execution of Frak Abignale, the innocent-looking charmer con-artist. To me, he achieved utter perfection in The Aviator. One of my favourite performances ever. He was ROBBED of an oscar, just as Scorsese was.

The Departed kicked ass too, and it would be cool if he got some awards attention for it, but still, it was no The Aviator.

I have no idea what to make of the Blood Diamond though. What is up with the accent???
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