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I keep them and when I don't have them I seek them out. It's part of the collection. The same way when a movie tickets come inside some titles. I don't use them. I also feel the same for the insert/booklets. I have several releases that need to be complete. It's the archivist in me. Ok . Look at it this way in terms of trading cards. You say, I have the complete set. I ask, do you have the chase cards? You say, pardon? No, then you don't have a complete set. You're missing a portion, it's not whole.

What I'm doing now is collecting the flyers/ad from Best Buy. I started in December 2004; haven't missed one yet. You might be thinking pack-rat. No. The ads are put away in large manilla envelopes, unless you knew what to look for you wouldn't see them. Why? Archive, I'm thinking about the future. Someday I'd like to have a kid (singular not plural). Years and years from now - when who knows, holographic TV is the norm and he/she asks what was it like in 2-D, I could pull out these ad. Dad used to watch on this thing call the Boob Tube. It was made of... GLASS! And we didn't have cerebral readers we had to push a button on remote that quite often would get misplaced and lost.
I agree 110% with you.

Same here i collect them as well. My dvds have to be complete. yes when they are the same like for exsample the fith element its the same slip cover but holographic slip cover. Then Leon:the professional its way diffrerent both cover and dvd sleave are not the same.

also dont forget about changing dvd covers for like saw uncut edition mine is slim 2 disc case with cool bloody cover. now its impossible to find it.

After a while they discountinue them and come out with a generic case. so IMHO get them while you stil can.

so yes they are very important to me.

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