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Old 11-11-2006, 04:14 PM
In the last two weeks i have seen

roadkill/ joyride 8/10
great movie

Carrie 8/10 great movie

saw 3 4/10
i didn't like it at all, but i think okay movie for a third,
movie dull, okay death, crap plot, the worst end to horror movie ever,

The Bird With the Crystal Plumage 9/10
that real good movie,
i was shocked who the killer was, did not see it coming
great twist

shredder 8/10
this movie is wicked, i love it, i think so much better scream 3 great plot, great deaths,
one best twist ever made
any more fans out there for this movie

child's play - was great start to the movie, i didn't find him scary at all, i really like movie, the end was letdown

child's play 2 - i didn't like this at all, the last five min was bests

child's play 3 - i think this was the best, i think was best, some great plots, this one has all best deaths in series and think was great

Bride of Chucky - when like the 1st time i saw, but know think it was that good

Seed of chucky - this is one of the best, it's was so funny, jokes were great, i am still laughing from this movie

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