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yeah...Green for Danger sounds like a great little mystery movie from the '40s. I really look forward to that one. I will no doubt be buying that along with 49th Parallel, Woman Ascending the Stairs, and Bicycle Thieves. I love me some Micahel Powell and De Sica, and have been looking forward to finally seeing something by Naruse.

And as I am completist, I will eventually look to get that Paul Robeson box set, but not for a while.

But yeah, 2007 has already promised to be a great year with:
Monsters and Madmen Box Set
Mouchette (I'm a sucker for Robert Bresson)
Sanjuro/Yojimbo re-releases

and now these announcements.

Now, if only 2007 also sees the releases of:
Army of Shadows
Woman in the Dunes
Drunken Angel
Naked City
Ivan's Childhood
Pierrot le Fou

and of course the Alejandro Jodorowsky box set of El Topo, Holy Moutanin, and Fando y Lis

i'll be content for a good while.

In releated news though, i've recently seen that Before Sunset, Before Sunrise, and Suburbia (all by Richard Linklater) will be released on Criterion.
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